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Ser Edmure Tully is a knight from House Tully of Riverrun, the liege lords of the riverlands. He is the heir of Hoster Tully, the Lord Paramount of the Trident, and Lady Minisa Whent, and the younger brother of Catelyn Stark and Lysa Arryn Game of Thrones 6x08 - Edmure Tully surrenders Riverrun to the Lannisters - Продолжительность: 7:00 Kristina R 1 964 122 просмотра Edmure is the new head of House Tully and thus has recently become the Lord of Riverrun and Lord Paramou... He has two elder sisters Catelyn and Lysa. He was also raised with his father's ward, Petyr Baelish. It was Edmure who first nicknamed him Littlefinger In the first three seasons of Game of Thrones, House Tully was a major player in the War of the Thrones. They were the main allies of Robb Stark, as During the funeral for Lord Hoster, Edmure failed repeatedly to set Hoster's funeral boat alight with flaming arrows. Irritated with Edmure's nerves..

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'Game of Thrones' Loose Ends: Where in the World Is Edmure Tully? The former Lord of Riverrun hasn't been seen since Season 6, yet he's an old-school Stark ally who may be the key to the Riverlands In the first three seasons of Game of Thrones, House Tully was a major player in the War of the Thrones. Among the main warriors in House Tully was Catelyn's brother, Edmure, a stubborn fellow who was called upon by Robb to marry Roslin Frey in an attempt to solidify the alliance between the.. Edmure Tully played a role in creating what was one of the all-time worst episodes ever on Game of Thrones ever, the infamous Red Wedding. Edmure Tully is the son of the late Lord Hoster Tully of Riverrun. He's Catelyn's younger brother and the Stark siblings' uncle Edmure Tully, Tully Hanedanı'nın lideri. Üç Dişli Mızrak Azam ve Nehirova Lordu. Lord Hoster Tully'nin oğlu ve varisi. Catelyn Tully ve Lysa Tully'nin küçük kardeşidir. Tullyler'in genelinde olduğu gibi kızıl-kahve saçlara sahip, çalı gibi sakalları olan, orta boylu bir adamdır Leave it to Game of Thrones to suddenly spring on us some long lost characters in literally the last half hour of the series: Enter Tobias Menzies Game of Edmure tells the group that he's a senior lord, a veteran of two wars, has some hand in statecraft and — well, before he can continue he's cut off by..

Lord Edmure Tully es cabeza de la Casa Tully. Es el único hijo varón de Lord Hoster Tully y Lady Minisa Whent; tiene dos hermanas, Catelyn y Lysa. Tras la muerte de su padre se convirtió en Señor de Aguasdulces y Señor Supremo del Tridente, títulos que perdió durante la Guerra de los Cinco.. The strong characters on Game of Thrones get all the attention. Alas, we should have known what to expect from Lord Edmure after being introduced to him feebly trying to use an arrow to light his father's funeral boat in Season 3. After three failed attempts, The Blackfish - sufficiently exasperated.. Lord Edmure Tully is back, having been dragged up from the dungeons of Walder Frey, where he's been held hostage. Eventually, Edmure agrees and his marriage to Roslin Frey is better known to Game of Thrones fans as The Red Wedding. To his surprise (and the audience's unease), Walder..

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Edmure likely sees no other option. His is a broken man who has spent the past couple of years locked away in terrible conditions. Jaime is offering him an out from all this. He says to Edmure (paraphrasing right now)if you do this, you will be moved to Casterly Rock and treated like the noble prisoner you.. Game of Thrones already has more characters than most viewers can keep track of. But as the show has progressed, some surprisingly significant supporting figures - Edmure is the head of House Tully, Lord of the Riverlands and younger brother to Catelyn Stark. He has had a pretty hard time of it so far.. When Edmure—who, remember, has not partaken in any sort of action in two seasons —realizes what it's all coming down to, he decides to shoot his shot We may not have any many fond memories of Game of Thrones Season 8, but at least Sansa the Savage lives on. Julie Kosin Senior Culture.. Following. Characters / Game of Thrones. Go To. Other Northern Housesnote Lord Greatjon Umber, Lord Smalljon Umber, Lord Ned Umber, Galbart Glover, Robertt Glover, Lord Wyman Manderly, Ser Wendel Manderly, Lord Cley Cerwyn Cet article présente la liste des personnages de la série télévisée américaine Game of Thrones, adaptée des romans de fantasy médiévale écrits par George R. R. Martin. La série se déroule dans un univers fictif et narre les luttes de pouvoir pour le contrôle du Trône de fer sur les continents d'Essos..

Whatever happened to Edmure Tully on Game of Thrones? When we last saw him, Jaime Lannister forced him to order the Tully army to leave Riverrun so According to CinemaBlend, Tobias Menzies, the actor who plays Edmure Tully, still hasn't heard from HBO. And they've been filming since the fall Ser Edmure Tully Response: After a House Tully character you control is declared as a defender, remove all attacking characters with STR 1 or lower from the challenge. Ser Edmure Tully. Type: Character House: Stark Cost: 3 Strength: 3 Icons: Military, Power Game Text: Lord Game of Thrones is an American medieval fantasy television series created for HBO by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. The series is based on the series of George R. R. Martin's best-selling A Song of Ice and Fire series of seven planned fantasy novels. [The rangers shout and argue amongst each other] Forgotten some of the Game of Thrones storylines from seasons past that are coming back in Season 6? Below I've outlined a few key things to know about the Blackfish, Edmure Tully, and the Freys' connection to the Riverrun and to the story at large before the next episode, The Broken Man Edmure Tully, Tully Hanedanı'nın lideri. Üç Dişli Mızrak Azam ve Nehirova Lordu. Lord Hoster Tully'nin oğlu ve varisi. Catelyn Tully ve Lysa Tully'nin küçük kardeşidir. Tullyler'in genelinde olduğu gibi kızıl-kahve saçlara sahip, çalı gibi sakalları olan, orta boylu bir adamdır

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Forgotten some of the Game of Thrones storylines from seasons past that are coming back in Season 6? Below I've outlined a few key things to know about the Blackfish, Edmure Tully, and the Freys' connection to the Riverrun and to the story at large before the next episode, The Broken Man A Girl is disappointed that Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 8, No One. However, this Girl is very glad Arya Stark is finally done trying to be No Edmure goes to the gate and demands entry, as the Lord of Riverrun. Blackfish refuses to surrender and tries to block the men from letting Edmure in Read Edmure Tully- Goodbye from the story Game of thrones- one shots/imagines by laureniscrazy96 (Lauren Newman) with 7,639 reads. lannister, bolton, asoiaf Game of Thrones is a long-format pornography/snuff film which stupid people like you regard as well-written. Game of Thrones is based on A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of books written by George R.R. Martin, a neckbeard who faps on having characters fuck, kill each other, or fuck THEN kill each other

Edmure relents. People see that as spinelessness, but on the other hand, defending the lives of his family and vassals is his duty as a lord. [SPOILER] Why did Edmure Tully make peace with the Lannisters and the Freys in Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8 No One Edmure appeared near the middle of the Game of Thrones finale, as Sansa Stark, Samwell Tarley, Tyrion Lannister, and the rest of the lords of Westeros gathered to decide who should rule after Daenerys Targaryen's death. Edmure touted his accomplishments, and suggested it was only right.. The Terror star Tobias Menzies has addressed whether Game of Thrones season 8 will reveal Edmure Tully's fate. We can't even look to the books for some guidance as Edmure is still a prisoner in those, only of House Lannister at Casterly Rock, so maybe we can just assume that something..

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  1. Character Guide for Game of Thrones's Lord Edmure Tully. Includes character biography, gallery, and a complete list of episode appearances. We don't have a biography for Lord Edmure Tully yet. Hang in there, or go ahead and contribute one
  2. [Edmure] was young, and more gallant than wise. He would try to hold every inch of his soil, to defend every man, woman and child who named him lord.
  3. Edmure isn't the only returning Tully next season — we'll also see his uncle, the Blackfish, and we should see them both at Riverrun. Jaime uses Edmure, a prisoner of the Freys, to get Blackfish to give up the castle. If Blackfish doesn't surrender, Jaime threatens, then he will kill Edmure
  4. Edmure wears mail armor in battle, which often displays the blue and red colors of house Tully. Edmure is born to Hoster Tully and Minisa Whent as their third child. He's the only son of lord A Game of Thrones. At the beginning of a conflict that would grow out to become the War of the Five..
  5. Game of Thrones is taking all of our favorite lords and ladies of Westeros to some pretty thrilling, unexpected places We never saw her free Edmure from the dungeons, so he's probably still there. Which is a big deal, since he's the rightful Lord of the Riverlands and a likely ally to Jon Snow up north
  6. Game of Thrones has been surprisingly diligent about bringing back characters in the final seasons in order to tie up plot loose ends. The last time we saw Edmure was Season 6. Post-Red Wedding, the only other family survivor, Edmure's uncle Brynden The Blackfish Tully, raced back to the Tully..

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Edmure Tully in Game of Thrones season 3. It looks like another member of House Tully will be returning to the fold for season six of Game of Thrones. Edmure Tully (Tobias Menzies) is going to be in the forthcoming run of the HBO fantasy show after the 41-year-old Outlander actor was spotted.. After killing Lord Walder, Arya uses his face to impersonate him and kill all his sons with poison before riding south. Edmure is presumably still being held captive by the Lannisters. If Edmure is alive then is he now the Lord of Riverrun, imprisoned or not? And are Lannister forces still occupying Riverrun Jason Momoa Compares Game of Thrones and See Battle Scenes. An adaptation of author George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire medieval fantasies about power struggles among the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Watchlist Added. Where to Watch

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The Game of Thrones actor plays dual roles on the new Starz time-travel drama. Vulture chatted with Menzies about playing a hero and a villain on the same show, whether Outlander could take the Orphan Black route, and how we might see Edmure again on Game of Thrones GAME of Thrones is meticulous about revisiting characters and plot lines from previous seasons — but one character might be abandoned forever. Tobias Menzies, who plays Edmure Tully, recently told Digital Spy that he's unsure whether he'll be in Season 8. The honest answer is, I have no idea This week, Game of Thrones knew that you and I and everyone else needed to take a deep breath, and—dammit—they were probably right. And I'm glad you brought up Lord Frey. In a show this stocked with great acting, no one is currently delivering better performances than David Bradley

Edmure Tully. Lord of Bones. 1 episode. Morgan C. Jones. If you like Game of Thrones, check out.. Will Edmure Tully return in Game Of Thrones season 8? Tobias Menzies addresses possible appearance. As we approach the final season, Edmure's whereabouts is a hanging question looming over the show - so could he make a possible return

Sorry, House Tully fans, but Game of Thrones Season 8 may not include Edmure Tully. Given the sheer amount of characters that have passed through Westeros, it only makes sense that not everyone will have a satisfying conclusion. According to a ne House Tully is a house in Game of Thrones. Lord of Riverrun and Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, Lord Hoster passed away during the war. Edmure Tully. Younger brother of Catelyn Stark HBO's Game of Thrones premiered Sunday, April 17th to rave reviews and decent ratings. That combination was enough for the network to officially He is, as Hoster Tully's only son, the heir to Riverrun. Though Edmure, his father, and his uncle all appear in the first novel, their television debut.. Game of Thrones: Nathalie Emmanuel, Gwendoline Christie, Joseph Dempsie, Hannah Murray, Conleth Hill, Kristofer Hivju, Jerome Flynn, Tom Wlaschiha. Game of Thrones Cast. Filter by role The cold open this season is a Red Wedding victory lap by Lord Tywin, melting down Ned Stark's priceless Valyrian greatsword Because a brownie sundae should get Sansa to forget about her uncle Edmure, at least. 'Game of Thrones' handy snarky season 4 map explains where everybody is

Το Game of Thrones έχει μια τεράστια παρουσία στα φετινά βραβεία Emmy καθώς και στην κατηγορία του Creative Art καθώς είναι υποψήφιο για 32 βραβεία Emmy κάτι που αποτελεί ρεκόρ που δύσκολα καταρρίπτεται. Τα βραβεία αφορούν το συγκλονιστικό φινάλε της σειράς και ήδη το Game of Thrones.. Game of Thrones is rarely subtle or sentimental, so it appeared that the long-awaited introduction of If Lord Beric Dondarrion is alive, then there's no Lady Stoneheart. Plain and simple. However, the show is clearly headed down another path. Edmure mentioned that he had been held prisoner by the.. This new Hound is downright warm and fuzzy, and he accepts Lord Berric's terms. Edmure ends up demanding entrance to Riverrun, and then promptly turning the castle over to the Lannister forces like the coward Catelyn always said he What did you think of Arya's new resolve on 'Game of Thrones' By contrast, Edmure is too impetuous. Think about the time when Edmure wants to attack the Lannister raiding party led by Clegane. That is, when Catelyn sees Tyrion at the Old Crossroads Inn, she goes around the room asking the soldiers there if their lords are still loyal to House Tully ..on Game of Thrones is going to get a satisfying resolution or, in the case of Edmure Tully, any kind of He's presumably still rotting in a jail cell somewhere, even after the death of Lord Frey at the months, the fact that Menzies doesn't know if he's returning means he's not returning (Edmure joins..

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We have nothing to gain and everything to lose by meeting Lord Tywin in the field. The plan's a good one...when did Synopsis: Catelyn returns to Riverrun to find out what Robb and Edmure have been up to. You Win or You Die - Historical and Political Analysis of Game of Thrones by Steven Attewell Game of Thrones is a show I care about a great deal, so ranking its episodes is something I take very seriously. Below you will find my ranking of every episode of Game of Thrones, as someone who has 63. Lord Snow (Season 1, Episode 3). Season one took a long time to pick up any steam Considering a ASOIF/Game of Thrones Name for your Baby? Lord Commander of the Kingsguard and a member of the Small Council. Forced into retirement by Joffrey and Cersei. Offers his services to Daenerys

He beheads Lord Karstark for behaving brutally DURING A WAR. He goes off on Edmure Tully for not following directions HE NEVER GAVE EDMURE. My choice for the most overrated Game of Thrones character is Daenerys Snore-born Targaryen. First off, her name's too hard to spell Brienne arrives at Riverrun. Arya seeks shelter. Jaime meets with Edmure Tully. Cersei challenges the Faith. Sandor Clegane hunts for revenge. Tyrion faces the consequences of earlier decisions Dammit, I can't believe I couldn't remember Edmure... *facepalm*. *6. Edmure is still alive unless he died off-screen. Tomorrow probably everyone except him will be dead though

0. Review of 'The Door' Review Game of Thrones (06×05) 'The Door' 1. Info Episode 6: 'Blood of Walder Frey visits Edmure Tully in the dungeon. He's still a hostage of the Freys. He also wants to know why Samwell has left the Wall. Samwell explains that he's sent by the Lord Commander to.. THE REGION'S MOST GAME OF THRONES MOMENT: Ramsay Snow mailing Balon Greyjoy the castrated penis of his last living son, Theon. including Catelyn, formerly of House Tully, and captured Edmure Tully, who had just been married to a Frey as a consolation Game of Thrones Trivia Question. Answer. Who is the youngest of Ned and Catelyn Stark's children? What is the name of Ned Stark's executioner? Ser llyn. What relation is Edmure Tully to Robb Stark? Uncle. Who was the first to be attacked by Lord Frey's men This 'Game of Thrones' Fan Theory will change the way you seen Needles forever. He frees Edmure (+25 to Edmure) and sends him to the castle, and the dummies up there, bound to familial protocol, have to let him in, against the wishes of The Blackfish Also, in last night's Game of Thrones, Varys and Littlefinger articulate two very different philosophies, which help illuminate the divided loyalties you're seeing Edmure is being strong-armed into marrying Lord Walder Frey's daughter — and he doesn't even get to pick which one, or count her teeth first

Watch Game of Thrones® episodes instantly. Start your 7 Day NOW TV Free Trial and stream to your laptop, TV, iPad, iPhone and other devices. Robb and his bannermen gather at the Twins in the northern Riverlands to attend the wedding of Lord Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey, daughter of Lord.. سریال فانتزی The Lord of the Rings «ارباب حلقه‌ها» همچنان در حال گسترش گروه بازیگران خودش است و حالا رابرت آرامایو (Robert Aramayo) بازیگر آرامایو در فصل ششم و هفتم سریال Game of Thrones در نقش ند استارک جوان حضور داشت. آثار سینمایی با حضور او Eternal Beauty.. O Robert Aramayo του Game of Thrones φέρεται να μετακομίζει στη... Μέση Γη για χάρη του τηλεοπτικού «Lord of the Rings» του Amazon. Σύμφωνα με το Deadline, ο Aramayo που ενσάρκωσε τον νεαρό Ned Stark στην επική σειρά του ΗΒΟ, θα αντικαταστήσει τον Will Poulter στον..

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Deadline reports that Aramayo will play a young hero, Beldor, replacing Will Poulter (Black Mirror), who apparently left the project after scheduling difficulties. It's perhaps not a surprising choice, given the creative team for the series includes alumni from Game of Thrones (as well as the likes of Hannibal.. Game Of Thrones'tan Yüzüklerin Efendisi'ne! Casr çalışmaları devam eden ve merakla beklenen Yüzüklerin Efendisi Dizisi 2021 yılında yayına girecek. Dizinin ilk iki bölümünün yönetmenliğini J.A. Bayona üstlenirken son olarak diziye Game Of Thrones dizisinde 6. ve 7. sezonlarda rol alan ve Ned.. Putlocker: Watch Game Of Thrones - Season 1 Online Free. Ned Stark, Lord of Winterfell, becomes the Hand of the King after the former Hand, Jon Arryn, has passed away. But before Ned goes to the capital, King's Landing, a letter arrives from his wife's sister Lysa, who was the wife of Jon Arryn

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Once more, Petyr offered to volunteer as their escort and Lord Jon appeared glad of it. When Lysa heard of the arrangement, she stomped her foot and marched out of the room. As Lord Jon had predicted, both King Robert and Vessa eagerly through their support for the match between their.. ~Game of Thrones Hair Tutorials~ Quick and Easy Hairstyles for every day.only for obsessed with GOT! Game of Thrones Hairstyle Tutorials. Thank U hairromance! Check out their website for more GoT hair as well as other fantastic and fun hairstyles 6/22 Game of Thrones. The greatest oops moment in GoT's was in the final season when a stray Starbucks cup is sitting on a wooden table next to Emilia Clarke's character Daenerys Targaryen

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Amazon has apparently (re-)found its lead star for its upcoming Middle-earth series: Robert Aramayo, who played the younger version of Ned Stark in HBO's Game of Thrones. Deadline first reported the news, saying that he was replacing Will Poulter (Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Midsommar) Η τηλεοπτική μεταφορά του «Άρχοντα των Δαχτυλιδιών» («Lord of the Rings») θα κοστίσει τουλάχιστον ένα δισεκατομμύριο δολάρια. O ηθοποιός είναι γνωστός από τη συμμετοχή του στη διάσημη σειρά Game of Thrones, όπου ενσάρκωσε τον νεαρό Ned Stark

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Game of Thrones. Apr. 17, 2011 HBO. Lord Snow May. Titre original Game of Thrones. Première date d'air Apr. 17, 2011 Yüzüklerin Efendisi serisinden esinlenilerek hazırlanan yeni dizinin kadrosuna Game of Thrones'tan transfer var. Dizide Ned Stark'ın genç halini canlandıran Robert Aramayo projeye dahil oldu. Aktör diziye daha önce katılan ama program uyuşmazlığından dolayı ayrılan Will Poulter'ın rolünü devralacak

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game_of_thrones. از کانال افترافکت. 13:45. ویدیو بعدی. Game of Thrones. از کانال روزنامه کسب و کار. 4:59. موزیک ویدیو گیم آف ترونز Game of thrones Game of Thrones S07 Complete 1080p [Hindi-Dub] x264 1XBET - KatmovieHD.To » video tv. Game of Thrones S04E01 720p BluRay Hindi English x264 AC3 ESubs - LOKiHD - Telly » video tv 24. SHARES. Facebook Twitter. Ned Stark is coming to Middle-earth! Well, kind of. Actually, not really at all, but that would be cool, right? What we mean is that actor Robert Aramayo has been cast in the lead role in Amazon's upcoming The Lord of the Rings TV series and this is far from his first foray..

Game of Thrones superfans Lucy and Dave break down the latest Game of Thrones season 6 trailer, and uncover a lot of hidden secrets. Alfie Allen Pays Tribute to Game of Thrones Body Double Andrew Dunbar 4. Ghost Adventures Is the Best Paranormal Show of the Decade, and It's Just.. George MacKay revealed on Tuesday that he auditioned for Game Of Thrones but didn't succeed, as he reflected on his career and starring in 1917 with Cast: George's 1917 co-star Dean-Charles Chapman appeared in Game Of Thrones as Tommen Baratheon, while Richard Madden, who makes.. Amazon's mega-expensive Lord of the Rings series is slowly coming together ahead of its still-unknown premiere. It will take place during the Second Age, thousands of years before the events of J.R.R. Tolkien's trilogy and Peter Jackson's movies, and J.D.. Fans of Game of Thrones will know Aramayo as the young Ned Stark (the older version played by Sean Bean) during the flashback scenes. He appeared in four episodes between 2016 and 2017, starting with Oathbreaker. He was also in an episode of Mindhunter Season 2 and the.. Next, the deeply mysterious Lord of the Rings show coming to Amazon has cast one of its leads — and sharp-eyed fantasy TV fans may recognize the actor in Aramayo appeared briefly in HBO's Game of Thrones as a younger version of Sean Bean's Ned Stark. The powers that be at Amazon must've..

Оригинальное: Game of Thrones Рейтинг: 9.0 9.4 Год: 2011 - 2019 (8 сезонов) Страна: Великобритания, США Жанр: Драма, Мелодрама, Боевик, Фантастика, Приключения, Фэнтези Телеканал: HBO Слоган: «Победа или смерть» Актёры: Питер Динклэйдж, Лина Хиди, Эмилия.. 2: The Lost Lords - Whores and Wine Game of Thrones - Part 12 - Ep In the television categories, Game of Thrones and The Mandalorian each earned five nominations, more than any other television series. Game of Thrones and The Mandalorian are both nominated for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode, against competition including Stranger Things

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Yüzüklerin Efendisi (The Lord of the Rings) dizisi oyuncu kadrosuna Game of Thrones'tan Robert Aramayo dahil oldu. Deadline'da yer alan habere göre Aramayo dizinin genç kahramanlarından Beldor rolüyle izleyici karşısına çıkacak. Diziyle anlaşması bozulan Will Poulter'ın yerine gelen Aramayo.. « back to subtitle list. Game of Thrones - Third Season Imdb. Release info: Game.of.Thrones.S03E07[mSD,EVOLVE,HDTV.2HD]. A commentary by. realest According to IMDb's users, Game of Thrones is (along with Breaking Bad) the Cersei Lannister = Margaret of Anjou Cersei Lannister is the daughter of Tywin Lannister, Lord Paramount of To make amends King Robb offers Lord Walder to marry one of his daughter to Edmure Tully, Robb's uncle..

Characters from past seasons of Game of Thrones have been popping up left and right in Season 6 of the HBO series. Episode 6 featured the return of Benjen Stark and Edmure Tully, who will both play key roles going forward List of Male Characters from Game of Thrones. Aemon to Drennan. Edmure (Tully). Euron (Greyjoy). Farlen Edmure Tully. Tobias Menzies. Edmure Tully. Tom Wlaschiha. Jaqen H'ghar. 3. Lord Snow - 2011.05.02. 4. Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things - 2011.05.09

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